Monday, June 6, 2016

Event 3

The Getty Center has an amazing garden, my last visit just was not enough I had to go back to walk through the garden area. It starts up by the main entrance of the museum then goes all the way down in a zig zag formation, ending at a large circular fountain area with a design in the center that is made of rose bushes. This layout has a vanishing point, the circular fountain; the admirer is looking to get to the end to see the beautiful open garden area after walking through the zig zag walkway crossing bridges that are over a water stream, and the many succulents that surround it.

It is amazing that the use of so many different forms of life can form such a beautiful thing to look at. Flowers and plants are manipulated, rooted and planted in a new place, to create an area where people can sit, walk through and admire. The architecture of the whole central garden area made it very appealing as well. Each plant and bend in the walkway is carefully planned so that wherever a person is standing they have an amazing view. So in a way there were many vanishing points created so no matter where someone stands they can admire the central garden. 

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Event 2

For my second event I visited the Getty Center in Los Angeles. Here I focused my time on the exhibition they have right now called Cave Temples of Dunhuang: Buddhist Art on China’s Silk Road. It was very interesting to see the different caves and the very intricate paintings and sculptures that were created. They had many exhibits but I had limited time and could not wait for hours in line. The main exhibit I visited included a three dimensional movie showing what the inside of cave 45 looked like. This started with a short movie that showed pictures of what the area looks like, its wildlife (flora and fauna), some cave paintings, and more. These images really helped to paint a picture of what China was like, and helped me to get into the mindset of what I was about to step into.

There were no pictures allowed inside of the 3-D movie so I will have to try my best to explain it to you. This cave’s main feature was a set of sculptures that were of deities with a Buddha in the center.  Each sculpture had such great detail with exquisite paintings on them as well. One deity for example had demons at their feet because this one was supposed to keep the demons away.

On either side of the main sculpture there were many many paintings. These depicted the many situations that those who are presented in the cave can help a person solve. It is amazing how art can help somebody figure out their problems just like the many experiments done in biotechnology and nanotechnology that help to understand life better.

I really enjoyed this exhibit, I think that the 3-D experience really helped me to become more immersed in the cave, like I was actually there.