Sunday, May 29, 2016

Week 9: Space and Art

This week I really took interest because I like to learn about the vast galaxy that we live in. I however did not think about how much art is influenced by space. For one is the Griffith Observatory museum, this place is filled with all of the scientific innovations that have made it easier to examine space as well as understand it. There they have the Samuel Oschin Planetarium where they project movies based on space onto a screen that allows one to feel like they are lying down and observing space from outside. I have gone to a few of these and they are magnificent.

The many science exploration fleets have inspired people to make television shows and movie about what it would be like to be from another planet, to travel through space, and also what other possibilities of life are out there (The Jetsons, Star Trek, and Star Wars).There are also artists like Chesley Bonestell who creates prints of images of space, and space rockets. Different perspectives are taken from each work of art. For example there are two pieces that are of Mars, but they are form the point of view of different moons that orbit by that planet. I like this artist because even though the prints are dated, they have a futuristic feel.

The KSEVT has a Cultural Space Programme that expresses the idea “what is it like to be human in space?” ( There have been so many technological advances in space that this program believes that art should be practiced in space so this is exactly what they aim to do. I do find this quite interesting, it would be cool to see someone attempt to paint in zero gravity and see how that affects the end result.  There is a YouTube channel called Thai Space Education that has many videos that have different experiments that are done in space, here is one that shows different affects that happen when trying to draw on a piece of paper placing the paper at different angles: 

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